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What can Virtual Elite Co. do for you?


Everyone has tasks in their business which they don’t have the time, patience or ability to do – or maybe tasks they flat out don’t want to do!  It may be that you struggle to keep on top of your inbox, personal and business calendars or keeping track of your bills. Many businesses find it hard to grapple with servicing existing clients while also staying on top of marketing, EDM’s and business social media. However being able to balance all these things is crucial to servicing current clientele while also attracting new customers. If this sounds familiar - you are ready to outsource to a Virtual Assistant!


Let me take all your time consuming administrative tasks off your plate so you can focus on your zone of genius - building, growing and making your business succeed!

Based in Sydney Australia, servicing you virtually worldwide.


Online Business Management

The vital support no organised boss can live without


  • Inbox and diary management 

  • Process streamlining

  • Standard operating procedure creation (SOP)

  • Project management  

  • Business proposals and presentations

  • CMR database management 

  • Client relationship management 

  • Preparing agendas and meeting minutes 

  • Travel coordination and itinerary preparation 

  • Online research 

  • Corporate gift management 

  • Virtual 'cloud' filing and organisation 

  • General accounts: payments and invoicing

  • Personal concierge


Recruitment Support

The must dos that will secure you the right recruits


  • Create job/position descriptions

  • Prepare employment contracts and offers

  • Applicant review, shortlist and recommendations

  • Scheduling interviews

  • Reference checks

  • On-boarding checklist: creation and setup for new employees

  • On-boarding staff members and training


Social Media & Marketing

The essential activities that bring your new business in

  • Social media profile creation on multiple platforms

  • Instagram and Facebook content planning, scheduling and design 

  • Engaging with your customers on your socials

  • Managing Facebook groups 

  • Client communication: responding to social media messages and sending on for team member action 

  • Strategic hashtag research 

  • Newsletter template creation and design  

  • Business surveys and online forms 

  • Posting promotions 

  • Website and blog maintenance 


Event Management

The specialist support your business may need

  • Eventbrite ticketing setup and management

  • Coordinate large meetings

  • Coordinate workshops

  • Guest list, invitation and RSVP management

  • Corporate gift management

  • Venue and supplier research

  • Liaising with all vendors and suppliers

  • Create event graphics and material

  • Budget management

  • Event travel coordination and bookings

  • Speaker note preparation

  • Table plan and seating creation

  • Bump in’ and ‘bump out’ assistance

  • On the day coordination and support (additional fees apply)

  • Post event evaluation and event surveys


Which option is the best for you?



Work with me under a VA Service Agreement and you get  all the benefits of a regular injection of order and assistance!


Perfect for those who require tasks to be completed on a regular ongoing basis. Suitable for both big and small business.


We will discuss your specific needs and then tailor a package to suit your business.



A great option if you want to test the waters of working with me, or for projects or tasks that only come up every so often.

You can still get the support that you need to keep growing, without signing an ongoing contract.



Paid in advance, the bundles pack in great value and can be used over a 4-week period. You can choose between 10, 15 or 20 hours. An excellent choice if you’ve got a budget in mind and really need to stick to this.





By tapping into my 20 years of corporate experience, you can gain access to valuable in



Let's chat about how we can help your business move forward